November 4, 2010

Saving Money When Painting Your Plant Ceiling

The painting of ceilings and walls in an operational manufacturing plant or warehouse requires some careful planning and thought for both the client and the painting contractor.

Little logistical issues can make a big difference for both the operation of your factory while its being painted and the painting contractors ease of painting the area contracted..

Work area access in terms of the size of the area and the level of clearing of equipment the customer has done prior to the painter can make a big difference in the quotations you’ll receive. The bigger the area cleared and accessible for each phase of the project the lower your quote will be.  

If the whole plant is available to be worked in that is even better as more painting can be done at the same time and covering time is minimized. This will minimize encapsulation costs to isolate the area being painted from the rest of the plant takes time and material and maximize the efficiency of the painting contractors project manager.

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