November 17, 2011

VOC Compliant Dryfall Paint Coatings for Open Web Steel Joist Plant Ceiling Painting

We’re seeing it in all parts of the country; more strict regulations on the emissions from applying paint coatings.

With the introduction of new low VOC water based acrylic paints for painting open web steel joist ceilings the industry runs the risk of finish problems. We have found that issues such as discoloration due to surface contamination become more likely and the possibility of peeling paint due to inferior adhesion when compared to alkyd dryfalls. This is most prevalent in a repaint environment than new construction as the surfaces are more likely to have some surface dirt. Most plant ceilings are painted white so yellowing is visable. For the last forty years oil based (alkyd dryfal) paints have been the main-stay of the industry. In comparison to acrylics, these alkyd paints resisted staining better and the solvents in them would cut through some surface dirt and oil which is commonly found on ceiling surfaces in manufacturing facilities. Now with only acrylic paints available in most market places more careful planning and preparation procedures will have to be taken to ensure a successful outcome.

In some cases, surface cleaning will now be required where in the past you could get away without it. Ultimately this conversion to more environmentally friendly coatings will cost the customer more money for preparation prior to painting. In addition, most of the waste water from washing the ceilings cannot run down the drain, it must be collected and disposed of at a registered hazardous waste site.

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